Your mess becomes your message

Jean Hamilton-Fford, Conscious Life Strategies, The Daily Shift, Your mess becomes your message

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Your mess becomes your message. If you ever wonder what it is you can share with others that has meaning and value, just look at what you have cleaned up in your life. When you create a mess there is great value in the steps you took to get it sorted and clean it up. If you can share with me something that will save me time, angst, and energy because I am in the same mess you were and am seeking a solution, then your mess and your solutions become a message that I need in that moment.

What will your day bring your way? Take a look at recent things you have handled well and solved for yourself. Those things are potential gold mines for your future. In what way can you capitalize on them? Can you write about them? Speak about them? Do a video and demonstrate the solution? It’s up to you. Within every bit of your life there is treasure to find.

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