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What's it All About?

It’s what makes life interesting and fulfilling.
Because you want to bring the passion, the spark, the inspiration and creativity into your life,
you are eager to explore and discover more about yourself
and that inner you – that higher, intuitive self.
You’re in the right place!


Awake, aware, sensitive, wise, perceptive: exploring and discovering what this means to you through meditative exercises designed to heighten your connection to your inner world.


Mind/brain, body/emotion, spirit/intuition: channels and connections developed through a beginner’s mind, a practice of lifelong learning, and building neural and physical networks that grow, develop, support, and sustain you.


Plan, design, blueprint, method, system, program – and action steps, initiation,  and implementation: financial, emotional, physical, relational, and energetic ideas to transform and invigorate your life and dreams.  

i'm an open book


Jean is a soulful creator, wisdom mentor, author and mixed media artist. She brings 40+ years of experience in a variety of fields to inform and inspire the day…

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I always have projects on the go. It keeps me moving, interested, and agile. Writing books, creating podcasts, crafting in clay, and being inspired…

Knowledge is everything

My Roles.


Soulful creator

Creating with words and mixed media, everything is uniquely beautiful. You can catch my creative endeavors by visiting the Shop. 


wisdom mentor

Solving and serving: these are two things to keep at the forefront of our work together. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement and one that I treasure.



Technology is glorious when it works and abysmal when it fails. Given purpose and focus, you can make technology work for you. What can you do?

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The Daily Shift.

Shifting Your Day in a Positive Way

Jean Hamilton-Fford, Conscious Life Strategies, The Daily Shift, Actively engage
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Actively engage

Actively engage what you’re feeling. Connect with it fully and let it consume you briefly. It does no good to stay mired in the muck that

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Jean Hamilton-Fford, Conscious Life Strategies, The Daily Shift, Down under
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Down under

Down under in the cavern of your soul is a portal. It is a stepping through place of expansion into a realm of brilliance you can

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Jean Hamilton-Fford, Conscious Life Strategies, The Daily Shift, Manage your expectations
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Manage your expectations

Manage your expectations. You are sitting with expectations right now. What are they? What do you expect in the next thought, word, or action? You can

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Jean Hamilton-Fford, Conscious Life Strategies, The Daily Shift, Be your own advocate
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Be your own advocate

Be your own advocate. It’s impossible for anyone else to know what you need or feel. If you truly want to be heard or seen, it’s

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