Make time for quiet

Jean Hamilton-Fford, Conscious Life Strategies, The Daily Shift, Make time for quiet

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Make time for quiet. Quiet, total silence, is nearly impossible to find these days. Have you noticed? While total silence may be elusive for you, becoming quiet yourself is well within your reach. Stop what you’re doing, especially when you are going full tilt at 90K miles per hour. Take a few minutes to quiet your mind, slow your breath, and stop moving your body. Allow whatever thoughts and emotions you have to pass by and pass through you like clouds in a sky. Focus on your breath. Experience your exhale and your inhale. Get quiet.

What will your day bring your way? When you take a few minutes to get quiet, you will find your productivity will increase, ideas will flow more easily, relationships will be gracefully nourished, and more peace and joy will appear in your day. With all these benefits, it’s time to make time for quiet.

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