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Jean is a soulful creator and wisdom mentor; an author and mixed media artist. She brings 40+ years of experience in a variety of fields to inform and inspire the day. She is challenged with CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth disease) – a rare, genetic, degenerative disease. She has learned the value and power of positive mindset and good humor. She is known for seeing and hearing what is hidden and reflecting and revealing it to you. 

If you’d like to have a conversation, you can make an appointment with Jean using her calendar. Or reach out through social media (links just below) or using the contact form. 

Intention. Creation. Efficient.

The Power
of Three.

1. Intention.

Intention is the product of three steps: alignment, trust, and discernment. When I employ these three steps and become intentional, I am powerful in my focus and influence.

2. Creation.

We are all creators. When we create aligned with our intuition, surrendered to a beginner’s mind and a servant’s heart, and a willingness to share, our creations have meaningful impact.

3. Efficient.

Slow down to speed up. Being efficient occurs when you consider the beginning, middle, and end of anything. It allows you to anticipate the needs of the moment.

more about me


A few extra tidbits that may surprise, delight, or shock you. 


My sisters and I used to sing in a group when I was quite young (I started at 5 years old). We were almost signed to a label when my older sisters decided to do their own thing. Oh well. I sang in the school choir and went on to sing in a couple of University choirs and continued with amateur dramatics. I played the piano most of my life and grew up listening to and learning classical music. In the school orchestra, I played keyboard percussion, the flute, and the cello. 


I began writing when I was quite young. I was accepted into an Anthology of Poetry as a teenager, helped my mother ace her English course when she was in her sixties (she got her Associate of Arts degree at 64), set the standard for dissertations at a South African University when I helped a young lady graduate with honors, have written too many books to keep up with and edited a few more. 


Most everything I needed to know about dealing with almost anything came from living on a farm and breaking and training horses and dogs. Animals are great teachers! We recently had an indoor aviary with 75 Zebra finches in it. Just watching the interaction in a societal group of animals is mind blowing. So many personalities – so many lessons!


Charcot Marie Tooth and I became familiar in 2011/12 when I was diagnosed through genetic testing. Over time, this disease will take away the use of my hands and feet… maybe. Currently, there is no treatment or cure. However, I believe in overcoming and I trust my body to maintain its muscle memory and in its ability to heal itself. You can find out more about CMT on the web

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